Man City Fans May This Season Put It Down, “Treble Unrepeatable”

Manchester City fans seem to have to put their minds down this season.

Manchester City got results last season with great performances. He achieved the treble of winning three tournaments.

Manchester City beat Arsenal and Manchester United to win trophies in the English Premier League (EPL) and FA Cup.

Manchester City’s eyes turned to the Champions League. He risked life and death to shake off the image of a frog in a well.

Manchester City had an image of a frog in a well. After Sheikh Mansour took over as the owner, he commanded the British stage by building tremendous power with oil money on his back.

The English Premier League (EPL), FA Cup, and League Cup were won at the same time, and the domestic treble was achieved.

However, on the stage of Europe, which is the War of the Stars, they are unable to resolve their resentment. He lowered his head while showing a particularly weak appearance.

Manchester City finally quenched their thirst. He achieved the great feat of winning the Champions League by beating Inter Milan and winning the Big Ear.

Anticipation for the upcoming season is growing as Manchester City achieve the treble. However, a message arrived telling me not to expect it.

Man City manager Pep Guardiola drew the line that achieving the treble would be difficult, saying, “I think it is impossible to repeat what we did last season.”

“It can only be done once in a lifetime. ‘Forget it. Last season we climbed the highest mountain,’ he added.

“We came down the mountain and we have to start over. There will be a lot of difficulties before climbing,” he said, saying that he had to challenge from zero base.메이저놀이터

Guardiola once again tightened the tension and said, “The spirit will decide this season. Last season was good, but it’s over now,” he said, asking him to forget his past glory.

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