‘Shots of hope’ for golfers with developmental disabilities

Amateur golfers with developmental disabilities in Korea gathered to compete, including last year’s Para US Open winner Lee Seung-min and professional golfers such as Lee Bo-mi and Kim Ha-neul.

Ha Sung-ryong is a reporter.


Amateur golfers with developmental disabilities are preparing to compete in the Adaptive Open.

The Adaptive Open, an event where amateur golfers and professionals play in pairs, was launched last year to discover golfers with developmental disabilities and is in its second year.

Golf stars such as Lee Seung-min, the inaugural U.S. Adaptive Open champion, and Kim Ha-neul, who plays on the professional golf tour, played a round and cheered on the participants.

[Seungmin Lee/2022 US Adaptive Open Champion: We all have a tough ‘handicap’, but I would like to say that we shouldn’t give up, work on it slowly, and definitely make our dreams come true].

[25 career wins on the Korea-Japan Tour : I’m surprised that (amateur golfers) are playing so well, their swings are so good and they know the course better than I thought they would].안전놀이터

Golf stars take care of prospects,

[Pro Kim: Let’s see a little right, just a little right].

They also joke around,

[“Our players play better on camera.]

The golfers with developmental disabilities nurtured their dreams and hopes by watching the players.

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