Kang Kyung Ho, Lee Chang Ho “will win ‘Road to UFC’ with sticky grappling”

UFC bantamweight fighter Kang Kyung Ho “Mr. Perfect” Kang, 35, predicted Lee Chang Ho, 29, to enter the UFC. “I think Lee will win ‘Road to UFC’ with his sticky grappling,” he predicted.

Lee faces Daelmis Jaufas (23, China) in the bantamweight semifinals of “Road to UFC Season 2” on Nov. 27 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The Road to UFC is a quarterfinal tournament featuring Asia’s top prospects competing for a UFC contract. The semifinals culminate fight week with “UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Korean Zombie” on Nov. 26 at the same venue.

Lee is a relentless ground-and-pound striker who relentlessly takes his opponents to the ground and lands punches from top position. He’s been nicknamed “Ant Hell” because once he’s caught, there’s no escaping.

In the opening round on May 28 at UFC Performance Institute Shanghai in China, he scored a takedown on Rana Rudra Pratap Singh (26, India) shortly after the bout began, finishing with ground-and-pound at 3:52.

That’s why 11-year UFC veteran Kyung Ho Kang is predicting a win for Lee. Speaking about the semifinals, he said, “Both Lee Chang Ho and Daelmis Jaufas showed great ground games in the quarterfinals, so I’m really excited. I think it’s going to come down to a ground fight, but I think Lee has the stronger ground game and will win.”

Lee is a well-rounded fighter who also specializes in striking. Former UFC bantamweight fighter Takeya Mizugaki (39, Japan), who is now a UFC commentator in Japan, also appreciates this.

“Lee is a well-rounded fighter who can get the upper hand in striking against Daelmis Zaupas,” he said, predicting that Lee will make it to the final.

However, he also analyzed that the fight could be decided on the ground, saying, “If Lee doesn’t have the striking advantage, the fight will be interesting.”

Since its inception last year, ROAD TO UFC has produced seven UFC signings, including Park Hyun Sung, 27, and Lee Jung Young, 27, and has become a clear pathway to the UFC for Asian mixed martial arts (MMA) prospects.메이저사이트

“The path to the UFC used to be unclear,” says Kang. But now, with tournaments being held on a regular basis, it provides motivation for fighters and a lot of entertainment for Asian fans,” said Kang.

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