‘A 90-degree salute, even in the face of a headshot ejection…’ Partnership spirit shines through

An unintentional headshot. Despite the ejections that followed, their camaraderie shone through. This is the story of Im Chan-kyu (31) of the LG Twins and Park Gun-woo (33) of the NC Dinos.

The NC Dinos won their 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League home game against the LG Twins 5-3 on Sunday at NC Park in Changwon.

With the win, NC swept the three-game series against LG, improving their record to 55 wins, 49 losses, and two draws. They are fourth in the league standings. They have three games in hand on third-place SSG and two games in hand on fifth-place KIA. LG, on the other hand, has lost three straight games and has 65 wins, 41 losses, and two draws. They are in first place in the league.

After LG failed to capitalize on a bases-loaded opportunity in the top of the first inning, the NC attacked in the bottom of the first. LG starter Im Chan-kyu took the mound. First, he gave up a single to right after a four-pitch battle against Son Ah-seob, who was rumored to be a good pitcher. He then gave up a single to right-center to Park Min-woo, putting runners on first and third.

Park Gun-woo was next up to bat, but a 144-kilometer fastball from Im Chan-kyu was unfortunate enough to slip out of his hand and hit him in the head, directly on the helmet. Park collapsed on the spot. Luckily, he was not hit directly in the face, but the impact was still transmitted through his helmet to his entire face.

NC’s coaches and trainers, as well as LG’s head coach Kim Jung-jun and captain Oh Ji-hwan, rushed over to check on him. Im Chan-kyu was also there, bending his knees and watching Park’s condition. Park Min-woo comforted him. After a while, Park stood up and slowly walked toward first base. At this time, Im Chan-kyu, who had taken off his hat, approached him, and instead of just saying hello, he bent down at an almost 90-degree angle and said, “I’m sorry,” and expressed his sincere apologies. Although he is known for his joviality, Im Chan-gyu seemed to be very surprised, and Park Gun-woo patted him on the shoulder to show that he was okay. It was a moment where their camaraderie shone through, even in the face of being ejected and almost getting hurt.스포츠토토

After apologizing to Park, Lim limped off the field. It was the 24th ejection in the KBO this season and the 10th headshot ejection. Fortunately, Park is reportedly in good condition. “As a result of the examination, there is nothing unusual except for a slight dizziness,” an NC official said of Park’s condition during the game. In the past, when Park played for Doosan, he and Im Chan-kyu were the “handsome men” of Jamsil Stadium and were especially loved by many female fans. They greeted each other as brother and sister backstage and did each other’s favors, and this time, they created a heartwarming atmosphere in a dizzying situation.

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