‘Sinkhole incident’ that almost led to serious injury… Found the cause, “it won’t take long to repair”

 As the ground was ‘dented’, it almost led to a serious injury. It was a sinkhole created when the ground collapsed due to a leaking sprinkler. The club said, “Now that we have found the cause, it does not take long to solve it.”

Suwon Sports Complex on the 25th, when the 28th round of the Hanawon Q K League 1 2023 between Suwon FC and Incheon United was held. The tight 0-0 match came to a halt due to unexpected circumstances.

In the 26th minute of the first half, Suwon FC Kim Hyeon’s foot fell into the grass. He also complained of discomfort in his right ankle. Incheon Mpoku approached the grass and dug the grass with her own hands. Then, a hole as deep as a ‘sinkhole’ was discovered.

It wasn’t a simple situation to cover the grass and proceed. Because it was pretty deep. The referee, game supervisor, and club officials came to the ground to check the situation. When the grass was removed, a large and deep hole was found at a glance.

Urgent action was taken. A card loaded with soil came into the ground, and the hole was filled with soil in a hurry. The game resumed around 37 minutes, about 10 minutes after the situation was over.

After the game, the club started to find out the cause. According to Suwon FC general manager Choi Soon-ho, there was a leak in the pipe connected to the sprinkler. Water leaked near the hole where the hole occurred, causing the soil to sink and the soil to sit down.

Director Choi said, “Since we have found the cause, we will solve it as soon as possible.” First of all, it is necessary to stop the leak and repair it through solid soil. The overall inspection of the ground will be done again tomorrow. It doesn’t seem like a big problem.”

It was not the first time in Suwon FC. After the rain poured, a sinkhole also occurred at the practice field. At the time, it was a sinkhole two to three times larger than the size of the game.메이저놀이터

The Professional Football Federation said, “The game supervisor inspects the ground before the game starts, but cannot inspect the entire ground. After one round is over, the match evaluation committee is held. First of all, it seems that we will judge the situation at the time through the meeting and take action.”

At the time, Hyun Kim’s ankle, which had lost his foot, was not a big problem. However, the soles of his feet, which he had been uncomfortable with before, are in poor condition. On the 1st of next month, Daejeon Hana Citizen and the away game must be watched over time. 

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