Can Lotte rebound from Sutton’s departure…Acting coach Lee Jong-woon’s key players, Jeon Jun-woo, Ahn Chi-hong and Jeong-hoon, have the answers

14 wins, 8 losses (1st place) → 13 wins, 9 losses (3rd place) → 9 wins, 16 losses (8th place) → 5 wins, 12 losses (10th place) → 9 wins, 13 losses (8th place). This is the monthly performance change recorded by the Lotte Giants from last April to August. The brilliant spring passed quickly. It has been on a downward trend since early summer and has hit rock bottom. The team that was racing for first place took a sudden turn and ended up falling behind in the competition for mid-level rankings.

4.75 (9th) → 3.13 (2nd) → 4.85 (8th) → 5.14 (8th) → 3.99 (3rd). This is the team ERA from April to August. Last April, when he ranked first, he ranked 9th in team ERA. There was severe monthly variation. However, looking at the numbers, the mound is stabilizing somewhat in August. The effect of recruiting foreign pitcher Wilkerson and the revived Barnes effect came together.

0.262 (3rd) → 0.255 (5th) → 0.252 (9th) → 0.251 (9th) → 0.281 (4th). The monthly team batting average also tends to gradually rise after falling in June and July. There is an element of hope in all pitches.

Acting manager Lee Jong-woon, who took charge of Lotte after manager Larry Sutton stepped down, said on the 29th about the team’s recent slump, “The two-stroke balance was not right.” If you look at the two-stroke record, it is clearly past the low point and on the rise.

7 consecutive losses from the Kiwoom Heroes match on August 18th to the KT Wiz match on August 27th. After an exciting four-game winning streak, consecutive losses came like a thief. This happened after a three-game sweep against SSG Landers.

Out of 7 consecutive losses, 3 were by 1 point. In 6 games, the team fell within 2 points. Details as explained by Acting Director Lee

There was a feeling of regret. I had no luck either.

Acting manager Lee asked the players to “do your best until the game ends in the bottom of the 9th inning,” and said that if they do not feel responsible for the current situation, they are not qualified to be professional players. Coach Larry Sutton’s deteriorating health and voluntary resignation must have been shocking and embarrassing to the players.

Acting manager Lee said he had no intention of making any special changes to the existing lineup. In any case, we have to bring out the best performance from our existing strength. This is something I experienced last April.

Can Lotte achieve a rebound in the remaining 36 games?

Acting manager Lee selected Jeon Jun-woo (37), Ahn Chi-hong (33), and Jeong Hoon (36) as key players. This is an order for veterans to play more of a role during difficult times for the team. The three players are the core strength of the offense and defense and have the leadership ability to serve as a focal point.토토사이트

As of the 29th, they are in 7th place, 5 games behind the 5th place KIA Tigers. There are too many games left to give up fall baseball. There is ample time for a major rebound. However, there is a long way to go. The urgent priority is to quickly end the losing streak and brighten the mood.

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