Peddie’s attack on the top four … KIA tops the league in batting average in August, but can he beat the league’s best pitcher?

The Kia Tigers are currently in a fierce four-way battle. The Doosan Bears and NC Dinos are in a very close 4th place battle.

The jury is still out on which team will make it to the final four. In the end, it all comes down to how the three teams perform in their head-to-head matchups.

KIA and NC have seven games remaining, including today’s match. First, after tonight’s game, they will play a four-game series, including a doubleheader in Changwon on September 26-28. And the two games that were postponed in Gwangju have been rescheduled for a later date.

That means KIA will face NC a total of three times, and Pedi up to three times. Since the first through third places are now somewhat solidified, the most efficient pitching for NC would be against KIA and Doosan.

Pedi is already the best pitcher in the league for 2023. He’s dominant in every way, including wins and ERA. He’s also a strong MVP candidate.

KIA managed a total of eight hits in 14 innings off Pedi.

Ko Jong-wook went 2-for-6, Lee Chang-jin went 1-for-4, Choi Won-jun went 1-for-3, Kim Tae-gun went 1-for-2, Na Sung-beom went 1-for-3, Choi Hyung-woo went 1-for-6, and Kim Sun-bin went 1-for-6. The long balls were hit by Choi Hyung-woo and Choi Won-joon. Most importantly, KIA’s weakness against Pedi is that they didn’t draw a single walk against him.

It’s hard for him to score runs purely on hits with no walks mixed in. This means that KIA’s hitters are not responding to Pedi’s changeup at all.

The KIA Tigers are having a very hot August, especially with the explosiveness of their bats. The Tigers are 7-3 in their last 10 games. [Courtesy of KIA Tigers].

The Tigers have the most games left against KT, LG, Doosan, and NC, with Doosan and NC being the most important.

A sweep in those games would likely lead to an immediate elimination from the top four. Even if they make it to the quarterfinals, they’ll likely face Pedi again in the postseason.

Therefore, it’s very important to know how to deal with Pedi this time around. You have to overcome ‘pedi phobia’ somehow.

Luckily, KIA has the best batting average in August with a .307 average. They also have the most runs scored with 137. Their on-base percentage is a whopping 0.374, and their OPS is an impressive 0.807. The team’s 7-3 record in their last 10 games is a testament to the strength of their bats.메이저사이트

The best KIA bats have been on fire in August, and the best pitching in the league is right there with them.

The fate of the top four is on the line.

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