Why we’re drawn to Edman, a big leaguer called Hyun-Soo.

Tommy Edmon (Korean: Kwak Hyun-soo), the only foreigner to wear a taegeum at the World Baseball Classic (WBC) earlier this year, has been making an impact all season.

His season numbers are mediocre. He has 91 hits, 41 RBIs, and a .240 batting average. However, his other metrics are out of the ordinary. His 12 home runs surpassed last year’s total (13), and he already has 20 stolen bases, leaving him just one shy of 100 for his career. With 28 games left in the season for his team, St. Louis, he could join Ha-Sung Kim (San Diego) in the 20-20 club at some point.

Even more impressive is the number of close games he has created. In the last game against San Diego, he created two game-ending situations in front of his former national teammate, Ha-Sung Kim, and he has been particularly strong in the late innings, with several game-ending hits in April. This invisibility has led St. Louis to ask, “We have Edmon. Do we need more infield depth?” to the question, “Do we have Edman?

At his current pace, Edmon could finish the season with around 15 home runs, 100+ RBI, and 30+ stolen bases. It’s hard to find a player with a career like that in the big leagues. What’s more, Edmon was listed as an outfielder on the roster at the beginning of the season, but is now listed as an infielder again. That means he can play every position except pitcher and catcher.스포츠토토

Edmon, who turned 28 this year, will be in his prime four years from now at 32. When asked if he would join the WBC again at that time, Edman did not hesitate to say, “If you call me, I will come back anytime.”

Edman is a true “Korean-American,” influenced by his mother, Kyung-Ah Kwak, and his extended family, who live in LA’s Korean-American community. It’s no wonder he’s been recognized alongside Ryu Hyun-jin, Choi Ji-ji, Kim Ha-seong, and Bae Ji-hwan.

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