KU’s Park Gun-woo goes ‘5-for-4’, “I will win unconditionally in 2024”

KU’s Park Gun-woo (Chekyo 21) gritted his teeth.

Korea University lost 4-6 to Yonsei University in the 2023 regular season at Mokdong Baseball Stadium on Aug. 8, starting at 11 a.m. KU is considered to be the strongest team in the university, but it has lost four straight baseball games.메이저놀이터

However, there was one player who shined for KU, and that was No. 4 hitter Park Gun-woo, who had a whopping four hits. Reflecting on the game, Park said, “I don’t think the things I prepared for months came out today. I prepared a lot for today, but I’m really disappointed that it didn’t come out,” he said.

However, Park made up for it by going 4-for-5 with the aforementioned RBI and scoring the game-winning run against Yonsei in the top of the ninth inning. When asked if he had any regrets about the game, Park said, “I really wanted to hit a home run in my last at-bat, but I was very disappointed that it was a single, and I think I shouldn’t have been so greedy.” However, it can be said that he did his part and showed everyone how the KU baseball team never gave up in front of many of his classmates.

The game was played in a way that KU was dragging against Yonsei throughout the game, but it wasn’t that KU played badly. They just had to swallow their disappointment as good pitches often went straight to the plate and the detailed gameplan that has worked so well for them this season didn’t work. “Once I bunted in the second inning, I don’t think it went well from there. I don’t know how to explain it. Overall, it was a very disappointing game,” said Park.

Park Gun-woo, who along with Kim Bum-jin (Chekyo 21) leads the 21st offense, now has his sights set on the 2024 Olympics. When asked about his plans for next year’s regular season, Park Gun-woo said, “Forget about this year, I want to show a winning game next year, no matter what.” It was clear that he was armed with a strong will.

This season, KU won the KUSF College Baseball U-League Group A, won the National Collegiate Baseball Championship, and was the runner-up at the Presidential National Collegiate Baseball Tournament, but the team was swept by Yonsei in the all-important regular season series, snapping a four-game losing streak since 2017. However, KU plans to use this game as a springboard to get back on track for next season.

Meanwhile, STN, the broadcaster of the 2023 regular season, will broadcast major sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, rugby, and ice hockey live on TV (Genie TV No. 131, LG U+ No. 125, and Deliver Live No. 236) and Naver Sports from August 8 to 9.

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