‘Walcott’ centerback confrontation with Kim…”Coach Tuchel doesn’t like it”

Matthias De Ligt (24), the heart of Bayern Munich’s defense last season, has been relegated to a third option. Head coach Thomas Tuchel (50-Germany) has been unhappy with Der Licht’s style of play and has opted for a combination of Kim Min-Jae (26) and Dayo Upamecano (24).

German media outlet ‘TZ’ reported on March 13 (KST), “Der Licht doesn’t want to be the third option. He knows what he has to do and recognizes that Tuchel expects more from him,” and “Tuchel doesn’t like Der Licht’s style of play very much.”카지노

In all three of Bayern Munich’s league games this season, Kim Min-jae and Upamecano have started at center back. Der Licht, a consistent starter last season, is still not fully fit after a calf injury and has been pushed aside by new signing Kim Min-jae. He has been a substitute in all three games since the start of the league, playing just 33 minutes.

Tuchel was unhappy with Der Licht’s slow buildup and frequent crosses. In fact, since taking over for Der Licht, Kim has been more aggressive in his passing, completing 30 passes per game in the opponent’s half (88% success rate), which is better than Der Licht’s 21.4 passes per game last season (86% success rate).

Add to that the fact that Upamecano, who had an up-and-down season last season, has had a ‘turnaround’ and has formed a fantastic partnership with Kim Min-jae. Tuchel hasn’t utilized Der Licht as a starter due to the duo’s consistent performances. Der Licht will have to push one of the two players down to make the leap.

“He needs to take a few steps forward, but he’s ready to compete,” said TZ. “The board appreciates this kind of mentality from Der Licht,” he said, adding that the competition with Kim Min-jae and Upamecano is great.”

Der Licht, who has struggled to regain his place in the starting lineup, will be given his first chance to start this week. Upamecano, who was called up to the French national team, is injured and is doubtful for the upcoming match against Leverkusen. With Bayern Munich’s central defense depth thin, Der Licht is likely to partner Kim Min-Jae.

After emerging as an exceptional talent at Ajax, Der Licht joined Juventus in 2019 to begin his big league career. After proving himself in Serie A, he moved to the Bundesliga in the summer of 2022 for €70 million, the third highest transfer fee in Bayern Munich’s history.

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