Day: 16 September 2023

“Good, One more!” It’s the 15th, local time in the United States. It was an early morning for the SK Basketball team. They gathered at Etika at 9 a.m. to warm up. They had a skills training session scheduled. This is a great opportunity to learn new basketball skills, and while there are now many […]
Warm up with minigames in training camp, and hone their skills against a Japanese team with strong defense and organization. [Tommy Tilikainen / Korean Air coach: We want to grow by meeting a team that pushes us in a different way, something we don’t have in Korea]. With six players, including Han and Jeong Ji-seok, […]
The opening ceremony of the ’31st Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province People’s Life Sports Competition’, the largest festival for living athletes in Gangwon Province, was held at Yanggu Sports Complex on the 15th.메이저놀이터 Hosted by the Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province Sports Association and co-sponsored by the Yanggu County Sports Association and provincial member sports organizations, the […]