Korean Air’s Tommy “Nothing comes for free” as the airline seeks its first consecutive four-peat

Warm up with minigames in training camp,

and hone their skills against a Japanese team with strong defense and organization.

[Tommy Tilikainen / Korean Air coach: We want to grow by meeting a team that pushes us in a different way, something we don’t have in Korea].

With six players, including Han and Jeong Ji-seok, away at the Hangzhou Asian Games, Korean Air is going into the off-season without a full complement of players, but rather than lamenting, Tommy is counting on the experience they will gain.

[Tommy Tilikainen / Korean Air coach: It’s good that the players will come back stronger after gaining international experience playing against other countries].

Coach Tommy emphasizes that there are many “key players” and that the competition is never-ending.

[Tommy Tilikainen / Korean Air Head Coach: The only thing that’s certain is that we don’t know which players will be on the court].

There is no room for complacency for the ‘defending champions’ as they seek a first-ever consecutive four-peat.메이저놀이터

[Tommy Tilikainen / Korean Air coach: Every team wants to beat us, we will always be ready, nothing comes for free].

Professional volleyball kicks off its new season next month with matches between Korean Air and Hyundai Capital, and Korea Expressway Corporation and Heungkuk Life.

I’m Lee Ji-Eun from YTN.

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