MBC, AG Soccer 4-0 win over Thailand ‘tops the ratings’

Following its first-round match against Kuwait, MBC continued its dominance in the ratings with its second group match against Thailand.

According to data from Nielsen Korea, a ratings research firm, MBC’s second group match between South Korea and Thailand, which was hosted by Kim Sung-joo and commentators Lee Dong-hwan and Seo Hyung-wook, on April 21, the broadcaster dominated the competition with a 5.3% viewership rating (nationwide households). The broadcaster also led all viewership indicators with 5.3% and 2.2% in the metropolitan households and 2049 viewership, respectively.

South Korea scored four goals in the second match of Group E of the men’s soccer tournament at the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games on Nov. 21.

Hwang Sun-hong’s side followed up their 4-0 win over Kuwait with a 4-0 victory over Thailand to earn six points and advance to the round of 16 as Group E’s top team regardless of the outcome of the group’s third match.

In this match, Hwang made five changes from the first match against Kuwait. As such, MBC commentator Lee Jae-hwan correctly predicted that Hwang’s tactic would be to use height and headers to score against Thailand, and he was 100% correct.

In the 15th minute, a cross from Ko Young-joon shook the net as Hong Hyun-seok finished with a header. The second goal came off the foot of Ahn Jae-jun just five minutes after Hong’s opener. “I was obsessed with the goal until the end and saved it,” said Ahn, while Kim Sung-joo said, “Ahn Jae-joon is definitely showing his presence by moving between the sides and the center.”

In the 39th and 45th minutes, Uhm Won-sang and Lee Jae-ik scored further goals to put Korea in complete control. The goal parade continued with threatening passes and capitalizing on set pieces. In the second half, the Korean offense continued to be fierce. However, a combination of bad luck on goal and super saves by the Thai goalkeeper kept the score at 4-0.

This was the second consecutive game in which the Koreans scored multiple goals and kept a clean sheet without conceding a single goal, raising their hopes for a gold medal.

The Korean men’s soccer team’s dominant performance was met with a parade of praise from the MBC broadcasters. Commentator Lee Dong-hwan admired the team’s forward passes even when the defense was tight, saying, “It’s a good pass,” and “The penetration of the second line is quite good. The timing of the pass is also good” and “The non-stop pass is so good. We practice a lot of passing like that in training, and if you can see it on the field, it means that you have trained a lot and put in a lot of effort,” and encouraged the players to have a strong will to win the gold medal.메이저놀이터

Kim Sung-joo and Seo Hyung-wook also praised the Korean players for their sharp shooting. For Baek Seung-ho’s free kick that narrowly missed, Kim Sung-joo said, “It was like a cannonball,” while Seo Hyung-wook commented on Uhm Won-sang and Lee Jae-ik’s goals, calling them “unexpected goals” and “fiery left-footed shots,” adding to the fun for viewers who enjoy watching soccer.

Meanwhile, South Korea will play their final Group E match on June 24 against Bahrain. MBC will broadcast the match between Korea and Bahrain live with Kim Sung-joo, Lee Seong-hwan, and Seo Hyung-wook in charge of the broadcast.

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