‘Endo falls to 91 minutes this season’…but Klopp ‘raves’, “I’m very happy with Endo! A really important player for Liverpool”

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp has praised Japan international midfielder Wataru Endo.

Endo arrived in a Liverpool shirt in the summer transfer window for a fee of £15 million ($25.1 billion). At the tender age of 30, he joined the English Premier League (EPL), the world’s premier league, and became part of the EPL family.

He entered the EPL ambitiously, but the barriers to entry were high, especially at Liverpool. Endo was completely out of the running for a starting spot at Liverpool. His total playing time this season is just 91 minutes. That’s like playing one game this season. He’s become Liverpool’s ‘second string’.

Even in the EPL Round 6 match against West Ham on April 24, Endo was substituted in the 43rd minute. It’s almost humiliating to be subbed in at this late stage. Liverpool won 3-1 and moved into second place in the league, but Endo wasn’t smiling.

After the game against West Ham, Klopp was asked about Endo’s playing time. Klopp was asked about Endo’s playing time, which was virtually non-existent, but then he went on to praise him.아톰카지노

“He is a very important player for Liverpool. “He is a very calm and respectful player. He’s a great guy. He will get a lot of game time in the future. He’s not a short-term project,” Klopp said.

“He needs to get used to Liverpool. He is 30 years old, but he is improving every day. He is at Liverpool. We will help him a lot, we will play games with him. Everything is ready to start. Endo has shown good form in a short time at Liverpool, which is important. We are looking at him from a long-term perspective.”

“He is a very important part of Liverpool and I am very happy with him,” Klopp concluded.

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