Hyundai Mobis, ‘target conceded’ during practice game in Japan

“Let’s hold them under 16 this quarter,” “Let’s finish with 70.” Hyundai Mobis’ ‘targeted misses’ in the second half.

The Ulsan Hyundai Mobis hit a total of 26 three-pointers in an exhibition game against the Tokyo Z at Kawakashi Gymnasium in Karutsu, Japan on Sunday, winning 112-81.

Lee Woo-seok (5-for-5) and Son Seong-jin (3-for-3) were named to the Korean National Team for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. Gage Prim also missed the game after injuring his foot during a training camp in Japan. Tokyo Z, on the other hand, was relegated from the Second Division to the Third Division, but had up to four foreign players, including naturalized players, on the field at the same time. Despite the difference in personnel, Hyundai Mobis came out on top.

As the score suggests, it was a victory that came down to firepower. Hyundai Mobis knocked down seven three-pointers in the first quarter, including four from Shin Min-seok, and maintained a comfortable lead the rest of the way.

Despite the win, coach Cho Dong-hyun cracked the whip on his players. He ordered them to run drills after the first quarter ended, and he criticized them in every possession. This is because practice games are more about the process than the result.

One area where Cho was disappointed was the defense. Despite expecting less than 40 points in the first half, Hyundai Mobis finished the second quarter down 57-41 due to a combination of defensive mistakes and fast breaks. That’s why Cho Dong-hyun started the third quarter by shouting, “(Kim) Ji-wan-ah, keep them under 16 points!”

The ‘targeted misses’ worked, as Hyundai Mobis scored 33-15 in the third quarter. The guard lineup created fast breaks after effective collaborative defense. After a momentary lapse in the backdoor defense in the middle of the third quarter and a mistake by Park Mubin, Hyundai Mobis scored four consecutive points, but the team ended the third quarter with 15 points, lower than the 16 points ordered by coach Cho Dong-hyun.

Cho’s order came just before the start of the fourth quarter, when the score was 69-56. “Let’s finish with 70 points.” Against the wind, Hyundai Mobis’ fourth-quarter scoring was rather high. As their stamina waned, their perimeter defense faltered, and the score reached 106-71 with just over three minutes left in the game. For HMD, the game highlighted the challenges of closing out games.아톰카지노

The team averaged 75.3 points per game in its 34 wins last season, but 87.9 points per game in its 20 losses. “It’s not that our defense was stable,” said Cho Dong-hyun, “but that it was heavily influenced by the opponent’s condition. That’s why he set a “target goal” in practice.

The team is preparing for the season with a focus on reducing the gap to five points. The team is determined to go beyond the playoffs with a solid defense. The Hyundai Mobis, who are preparing for their second season under Dong-hyun Cho, will continue their training camp in Japan with a practice game against the Ibaraki Robots on March 28.

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