“I can now say I’m 100% cured,” says Jang on his return to health

Jang Hyun-soo, a former national team defender who recently left Al Hilal, appeared on a Saudi Arabian TV program and said that he is back in good health.

According to Saudi media outlet Winwin, Jang recently appeared on a Saudi broadcast program to update fans on his health. Jang had been diagnosed with a benign tumor in his lymph gland and left the team to focus on his treatment. Now that his contract with Al Hilal has expired, he has regained his health.

Al Hilal fans showed their support and wished him a speedy recovery after his long service to the team and winning many trophies. “I’m fine now. I’ve finished my treatment, and I’m 100% cured,” Jang wrote, asking fans not to worry anymore.토토사이트

He also showed his loyalty to Al Hilal, where he joined in 2019 and played for four years until 2023. When asked why he thinks foreign players want to return to Al Hilal after leaving, Jang said, “Al Hilal has always given me a sense of gratitude. They gave me everything I wanted as a player. There is an amazing positive energy in the team and I want all the players to return to the team.”

“Al Hilal has a league title to qualify for the tournament. That’s something you don’t see in Korea or Japan,” he said, praising Al Hilal’s ambition to always win and the way they run the club.

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