“It’s a triple,” acknowledging the mistake of the most experienced beast…but it’s not a lapse + walk…why he was late getting back to second base.

“It’s a triple (triplets). I panicked when I saw (Noh) Si-hwan…”

Choi Ji-hoon is 26 years old this year. He is the most senior member of the national team. Along with captain Kim Hye-sung, he is in a position to lead the team.

Choi Ji-hoon made a boneheaded play at a crucial moment. In the bottom of the third inning with a 1-0 lead, Choi had a golden opportunity to score with runners on first and second. Kang Baek-ho’s throw to first was caught in the lake and he was late. He was forced out at second base, leaving runners on second and first.

In the third inning, Choi Ji-hoon hesitated at first base. He hesitated and took a step or two, but the Hong Kong replay was fast. It was a close call, but the umpire called it out. There is no video replay at the Asian Games. It’s hard to overturn a call.

South Korea, ranked 45th in the world, took a 3-0 lead into the seventh inning against Hong Kong. It wasn’t until the “promised eighth inning” that the bats exploded, creating a seven-run big inning to complete the cold game. The mercy rule in international tournaments is 15 runs in the fifth and sixth innings and 10 runs in the seventh and eighth innings.

When asked about the situation after the game, Choi Ji-hoon said, “I was out the moment Noh Si-hwan passed me. I panicked when I saw him, so I couldn’t get back to second base fast enough.”

However, the umpire unexpectedly called two outs and ordered Choi to return to first base. Choi, who had already advanced to second base on a bunt and an error, was called back to first base. Both benches were baffled by the call.

The Hong Kong manager insisted on a “triple play. In the process, the game was delayed for more than 20 minutes.

In fact, the Hong Kong coach was right. Kang Baek-ho could have been out at first base, but was called out on a diving catch on a ‘direct’ call. Noh Si-hwan was out as soon as he got past Choi Ji-hoon, the lead runner, and Choi Ji-hoon was forced out at second base.

The umpire was so busy looking at the diving catch and the runner at second that he missed Noh’s pass, but it was still a triple. Noh never made it back to first base, and the Hong Kong defense relayed the ball to first base, where he took a base. Even if it wasn’t an overtake, it was a force out.

“If Kang Baek-ho made a direct catch and Choi Ji-hoon made a force out, it was a triple in the process,” said Ryu Jung-il after the game. Noh Si-hwan acknowledged his passing and Choi Ji-hoon acknowledged the force out, saying, “It’s a triple.

“I thought I could make it all the way home, so I was just looking ahead, and Choi Ji-hoon was right next to me. I didn’t do well in the first inning, so I tried to make too many plays. Maybe Ji-hoon was waiting for his brother to pass me, so he was late to second base (Noh Si-hwan).”

“It’s just a triple, I think I was a little nervous because it was my first game, and I did something I don’t usually do, so maybe there was some subconscious pressure (Choi Ji-hoon).”메이저놀이터

“It was a slow ball that I didn’t see very well, so I missed a lot of pitches,” Choi said. “It was a slow ball that I didn’t see very well, so I missed a lot of shots,” he said. “I’m glad we won the cold game with a good atmosphere at the end. We will utilize this atmosphere in the game against Taiwan,” he said, vowing to win.

The game against Chinese Taipei is the most important game for South Korea as they look to win their fourth consecutive Asian Games title. On a literal ‘showdown’ day, Korea must defeat Chinese Taipei, who are looking to win their first Asian Games title in 17 years. It’s no exaggeration to say that the team’s chances of advancing to the final will depend on their performance against Chinese Taipei, as they will be ranked first and second overall after carrying their group stage results into the Super Round.

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