Park Mubin, “I felt I wasn’t good enough yet” in ‘first official match’

Nine points, three rebounds, and four assists in 20:21 of action. This was rookie Park Mubin’s first official KBL game. It was evaluated that his skills were still lacking.

The Ulsan Hyundai Mobis lost 84-91 to Anyang’s Jung Kwan-jang in the Group D preliminary round of the 2023 MG Saemaul Money KBL Cup at Wolmyeong Gymnasium in Gunsan on March 9.

The Hyundai Mobis were unable to overcome the deficit until the buzzer sounded at the end of the game after being out-scored evenly from the start.

Park, who was selected in the KBL Rookie Draft last September, was on the court for 20 minutes and 21 seconds and finished with nine points, three rebounds, and four assists. He had two turnovers.

After the game, Hyundai Mobis head coach Cho Dong-hyun said, “I’m teaching him defense again. He has good skills. I think she will become more mature as she plays this season. I will work harder for his healthy growth,” and evaluated Park’s play.

“I’ve been playing practice matches since I came to the pros, but this is my first official match. There were a lot of fans and a lot of players in my position, but they put me on the roster and let me play, so I did my best.” “I tried to focus on helping the team. I felt that my skills were still lacking,” he reflected on his play.

Park traveled to Japan to train with the team immediately after his selection. During this time, he learned what the team wanted him to do.

“The coach wants the guards to move quickly after the defense and press the player with the ball in the defense,” Park said. “I tried to understand and implement it with my head, but there were many cases, and there were many areas where I needed to work on my physicality.”

The biggest difference between college and the pros is the presence of foreign players.

“When playing defense, there are special situations where foreign players are double-teamed, and there are many unexpected difficulties because they have a different sense of power and physical ability than domestic players,” Park said. “Some of them have slower feet than domestic players, so you need to gain experience to take advantage of that and understand the difference in skill and technique.”

Park Mubin, who played alongside Shin Min-seok and Kim Tae-wan at Korea University, said, “Of course, I remembered (my time at Korea University). I played a lot with Shin Min-seok, but Kim Tae-wan was my teammate and I played with him for all three years. We know each other even if we don’t talk, and of course I feel more comfortable and have better chemistry when I play with him. I didn’t expect to meet him in the pros, but it’s a great opportunity and memory,” he laughed.

“They’re a defense-oriented team, and they have a lot of defenders, so I asked him (Kim Tae-wan), and he told me, so (having Kim Tae-wan) makes it a lot easier than the rookies who were selected this year,” he added.아톰카지노

On the other team was Ko Chan-hyuk, a classmate from Hongdae University.

“It’s awkward to go from teammates to enemies, but it’s inevitable in the pros,” Park said. Ko Chan-hyuk has a very good shot. I knew that and tried to play with that in mind, but Chan-hyuk is not the problem.” “Overall, I need to adapt to the Hyundai Mobis defense quickly. He has less experience and skill than his brothers in the pros, so he needs to focus on that.”

Hyundai Mobis is in Group D, where only two teams are assigned to Jung Kwan-jang. Hyundai Mobis needs to win by eight points to advance to the semifinals when they face Jung Kwan-jang again on Nov. 11.

Park Mubin said, “We missed too many easy points and gave away too many easy points to our opponents. “Basketball is a game of flow, and if we played defense and didn’t score or give them anything they weren’t going to give us, we would have played a good enough game. We just need to do the basics: stay in sync, stay focused, regroup, and we’ll be fine,” he said, vowing to win the next game.

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