‘I’m so touched’, Han thanks former colleague…what happened?

‘I’m really touched’ 

Woori Card’s Han Sung-jung was properly touched by his former teammate’s surprise. That didn’t stop her from playing. She played a huge role in the offense, leading Woori Card to three straight wins.

Han joined the Woori Card as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2017-2018 rookie draft. However, in December 2021, he moved from Woori to KB Insurance in a two-for-one trade with Kim Jae-hwi and Kim Dong-min. In May 2023, he returned to the Woori Card after a year and a half in a trade for setter Hwang Seung-bin.

On the 20th, Han Sung-jung returned to Uijeongbu Gymnasium to play against KB Insurance in a Woori Card jersey. Han took to the court early in the morning to meet her former KB Insurance teammates. 

Han’s face was filled with happy smiles as she met her old teammates after a long time, and the KB Insurance players were happy to see her. The meeting with Korean Min was especially special. Han embraced her warmly at Uijeongbu Gymnasium and gave her a surprise gift. Han was overwhelmed by the unexpected gift and held it close to her heart.

A year and a half may seem like a short time, but she was so happy to meet her old teammates who dreamed of winning together.

Han Sung-jung roared several times in the game and was a force on defense. On offense, she scored 10 points, including 4 blocks, and had a 60% attack percentage. On defense, she helped her team win with a 56.25% receiving efficiency.스포츠토토

Han hits the spike hard / KOVO (Korea Volleyball Organization)

Woori Card made it three wins in a row after opening with a 3-0 (25-20 25-23 25-23) away win over KB Insurance in the men’s Dodram V League 2023-24 season at Uijeongbu Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, on Nov. 21.

Woori Card was led by Matei Cook with a team-high 17 points, followed by Han Sung-jung with 10 and Asia Quarter Issei with 9. While Matei didn’t score as many points as she did in other matches, she was strong in close games. Matei’s spike in the second set, 24-23, gave her the second set, and her attack in the third set, 24-23, proved to be the difference maker.

With the victory, Woori Card head coach Shin Young-cheol won his 276th game (214 losses), tying Shin Chi-yong (276 wins, 74 losses) for the most wins by a Korean professional volleyball coach in history. 

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