“PBA threatens $5M lawsuit if you don’t register” Kudrong breaks 3-month silence

Frederick Coudrone (BEL), who left the Korean Professional League due to failed negotiations with the PBA and contract issues with domestic sponsors, has broken his silence and spoken out. It’s been three months since he closed his social media pages.

On the morning of the 26th (KST), Kudrong released an English-language interview with a media outlet via his social media accounts, explaining why he was forced to remain silent while the PBA made several statements. “I was silent because I was coordinating the case with my lawyer, and the PBA has been insulting my name, hiding the truth and spreading various rumors and lies about me since the beginning of the season,” he said.

The outlet also asked Kudrong about the real reason for his parting of ways with the PBA, which he said was “the fact that I was not paid the salary I was owed for two years through the team league.”

“In the first year, I only signed a contract with them for a certain amount of money for (personal) tours,” he said of WoW Management, which ran the PBA. In the second year, they asked me to sign with Team League, and I asked my manager at the time, Kimchi Billiards, to confirm that. He said, ‘It’s okay to sign,’ and I signed because I thought I would be paid for Team League,” he confessed.

However, according to Kudrong, the team contract stated that the new sponsorship fees would be paid to Wow Management, which meant that he was “getting the same money and playing twice as much, which meant I had to stay in Korea for the whole year. I also had to pay for my own house, car, furniture, etc. while I was here,” he said.

“Wow Management said, ‘We fulfilled our contract,’ and that Kimchi Billiards was wrong for not giving us a deposit,” Kudrong added.

However, according to the statement, Kudrong said that it was Wow Management’s fault that he was not paid for his TeamLeague salary, and that Kimchi Billiards was protesting Wow Management’s non-payment.

Kudrong distinguished between the sponsorship dispute with Kimchi Billiards and the PBA TeamLeague salary issue, stating that Kimchi Billiards’ sponsorship “was registered without my permission in 2015 and I saw it last summer.”

“I contacted the PBA to resolve the issue of unpaid Team League salaries, but they threatened to file a $5 million lawsuit if I did not register (with the PBA),” Kudrong said. “I was angry and offered to terminate the contract by settlement without cost, but all I got back was a lawsuit threat. They also refused to pay me the two years of incentives (special sponsor money for winning tours) that were part of my contract, and only paid me after months of fighting.”

“I never refused to sign the team league contract and I don’t intend to play only on the private tour,” Kudrong said, adding, “I just wanted to resolve my issues first, but the clause that says you have to sign and follow the PBA team league is illegal.”

According to Kudrong’s statement, the PBA contract he was supposed to receive in May didn’t arrive until early July, and before that, it was prematurely announced that Kudrong had already been assigned to a team (Welcome Savings Bank). Kudrong, who was unable to properly tie the knot with the PBA over two years after the team league’s inception, said he rejected the contract because “it didn’t specifically mention the start and end dates of the season, and there was a clause that said my name would be used on the product without further explanation.” His team, Welcome Savings Bank, rejected the contract after two years.굿모닝토토 도메인

The organization, Welcome Savings Bank, then offered to compensate her for two years of team play, and the financial aspect of the deal seemed to be resolved. However, it turned out that Kudrong’s request to “not play in mixed doubles and to practice freely without team obligations” was not accepted, and the deal fell through.

“I never broke my contract with the PBA, the PBA broke (the promise),” Kudrong emphasized when asked if there was anything else he wanted to say in the interview, “I never broke my promise to the team, and I can prove all the facts written in this article.” “I apologize to all the fans in Korea,” he added. “We apologize to all our fans in Korea and hope to play together again soon,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, a PBA official contacted the same day responded to Kudrong’s statement, saying, “It’s hard to say anything concrete at this point, and we’re still trying to sort out the situation. We will discuss (the response) internally and communicate it soon.”

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