“No personal action, move with your body.” Will coach Kim Tae-hyung’s charisma change the atmosphere of Lotte?

“I tend to speak strongly about taking personal action. “I hope you can try it and feel how far you can push your body to its limits.”

Can the charisma of new Lotte Giants coach Kim Tae-hyung change the atmosphere of the players?

On the 25th, coach Kim Tae-hyung held a meeting at the Lotte Futures Stadium in Sangdong, Gimhae and led the closing training, officially beginning his career after taking office. Coach Kim is expected to lead the camp from his first start with a tight schedule of 4 days training-1 day rest, followed by a finishing camp with a flow of 3 days training-1 day rest.

From the time he took office, Director Kim said, “Will anything ever go as planned? It is something that will be created going forward. “I’ve seen a lot of existing players outside, but players I haven’t seen or young players need to see, feel, and judge through training together,” he said. “I want to play aggressive baseball where I can push when the opportunity comes, mainly using aggressive, flashy, and hot attacks.” “He said.

To this end, we plan to focus on improving the skills of individual players in the final training. Coach Kim said, “I don’t think group training needs to last that long. Time just gets longer. “I plan to finish group training in the morning and focus on individual training in the afternoon,” he said.

The flow of the current finishing camp is also the same. Training is being conducted with a greater emphasis on improving individual skills.

It appears that the policy is to avoid so-called ‘hell training’ or camps that simply involve a lot of training. However, Director Kim’s ‘style’ is not what is commonly called ‘American style’. Even when he was at Doosan, Coach Kim considered the direction centered on efficient group training followed by the voluntary participation of individual coaching staff and players. Even then, there were clear and definite rules.

At the same time, he emphasized ‘passionate attitude’ and behavior as a ‘one team’ both during the season and when managing the team. Incidents such as the ‘exclusion of Park Geon-woo’, which also raised issues this season, also occurred when Coach Kim was in charge of Doosan.

Coach Kim said, “It’s the same thing coaches say about having to do your best on the pitch. He tends to be a bit strong when it comes to revealing personal feelings or taking personal actions. “The players will know that well, and there will be no reason for that, and I think the players will take care of it themselves,” he said, adding that there is nothing to be particularly careful about regarding his style.

Coach Kim’s style, which attaches great importance to ‘one team’, is already well-known in the baseball world. Even at the time of his inauguration, Coach Kim said, “Nine years have passed since I first took over as coach, and the mindset of young players will be different,” but added, “But baseball is the same. The passion of all players on the field is the same. “First of all, the key players on the team must become leaders,” he said, hoping that veteran players would voluntarily take the lead.

The same goes for individual players. Coach Kim continues to emphasize autonomous efforts, saying, “Raise your skills by moving your body, not just thinking,” because he feels it himself.굿모닝토토

Coach Kim also said during the meeting, “Coaches always play aggressive baseball, and if you want to beat your opponent, don’t you think you have to have better skills than your opponent to win?” He added, “So, I hope you put in a lot of effort yourself,” and above all, having skills means being “aggressive.” He explained that it must come before ‘baseball and winning baseball’.

Also, regarding the meaning of the word, Coach Kim said, “There are many different (meanings) of ‘be confident,’ but first of all, you must have the skills to beat your opponent to be confident.” He added, “It is not blindly saying, ‘Be confident. Rather than saying, ‘Go ahead, go out and do something.’ The players themselves will know this well. “I said that because I had to be stronger to beat my opponent,” he said.

As professional athletes, it is more important to awaken ourselves and work voluntarily rather than forcing someone to do it.

This was the atmosphere of the Doosan team at the time when Coach Kim created the so-called ‘Doosan Dynasty’ and established ‘Hwasubun Baseball.’ An atmosphere was naturally created where players valued discipline, maintained the value of ‘one team’, made hustle plays on the field, and voluntarily worked hard.

The same goes for Director Kim’s Lotte. Players who do not move and work hard will naturally be excluded, and an environment is likely to be created where players who do not have high competitiveness cannot survive.

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