The gas company’s bad luck never ends, but Shin Seung-min is determined!

Daegu Gas Corporation suffered another injury blow, and its bad luck continues. However, Shin Seung-min came through to save the day.

GAS coach Kang Hyuk announced the news of Lee’s absence before the team’s home game against DB on March 3. Kang said, “(Lee) Dae-heon trained until yesterday (Feb. 2), but he can’t play today due to a severe headache and cold symptoms. Kim Dong-liang will start, and rookie Shin Joo-young will also play.”

Speaking about Lee’s absence, Kang said, “It was a bad start to the season, and I’m upset that something bad keeps happening.” However, something happened early in the game that would make Kang even more upset. Just over six minutes into the match, Shin Seung-min was hit by an elbow from teammate Park Bong-jin and fell to the court. He was stretchered off in pain.

Another injuryGAS lost foreign player Isaiah Hicks, their first option, before the start. He suffered an Achilles injury in the KBL Cup and was ruled out for the season, and the team hastily signed Andrew Nicholson as a replacement. “We were ready for the season with Hicks,” Kang said. “Nicholson’s defense is weak, so me and the domestic players have to try to fill in the gaps. He’s a guy who can still put up 20-30 points. It was the best option for us.” 보스토토

In a fortunate twist of fate, Shin received only minor treatment and returned to the court in the second quarter. He finished with 16 points and two assists, including three 3-pointers. “Thanks to (Shin) Seung-min’s fight through the injury, we were able to keep up and gain strength in the final minutes,” Kang said.

Gasworks, which has been struggling with a series of injuries, lost to DB, which has emerged as a powerhouse this season, but Shin Seung-min’s fighting spirit shone through as he came back and threw himself into the game.

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