Park Ji-hoon on ‘game-winning 3-pointer’: “I’m more happy about the first home win than the winning streak”

Park Ji-hoon hit the game-winning three-pointer to lead the team to its first home win and first back-to-back victories.
Anyang ended a three-game home losing streak with a 74-72 victory over Busan KCC on Sunday. They broke their losing streak and won their first back-to-back games to improve to 4-3. They jumped from fifth place to second place in the standings.

After finishing the first half with a 44-47 lead, Jung Kwanjang held KCC to just 25 points in the final 20 minutes to pull off the upset. It was thanks to Park Ji-hoon’s game-winning three-pointer with 14.3 seconds left in the game.

Park Ji-hoon, who finished with 15 points, three rebounds, and four assists, said, “My three-point shot (2/5) wasn’t going in until then, but Choi Sung-won gave me a pass at just the right time. I shot it at the right time and it went in. “We were missing Choi Jun-yong and Song Kyo-chang, but KCC is a strong team, and it was an opportunity to gain confidence by beating a top-ranked team,” he said.

Just before the final three-pointer, he missed a left-handed breakaway. It was similar to how he missed a game-tying layup against Goyang Sono earlier in the game. Fortunately, Duvan Maxwell (14 points, 7 rebounds, 2 steals) grabbed the offensive rebound and passed it to Choi Sung-won (9 points, 2 rebounds), who in turn assisted Park for the game-winning 3-pointer.

“Jones was on my side and Maxwell was on the other side, so I went up confidently thinking that even if I bounced it, Maxwell could get it (the offensive rebound). I’m so grateful that Maxwell grabbed the rebound,” he said, then recalled the moment he missed the layup, adding, “When the offense didn’t work, Abando, who has a good one-on-one ability, did a great job (as he was saying this, Abando walked by and called Park a superstar). It all came together and that’s how the final result came about.”

The game was close throughout the second half, but not in a good way.
“I think so, and it’s partly because of my offense, but both teams came out well prepared on defense. KCC is a team that scores in the 90s (95.7 points before today’s game), but to hold them to 70 points, I think we prepared well on defense. If we play good defense and rebound well in the future, even if our offense doesn’t work out, we can still accumulate wins.” “Our sagging defense worked well. Heo Woong and Lee Geun-hwi are good shooters, so we tried to sag as little as possible. Maxwell blocked Jones too well, and Jong-hyun did a great job defending. I’m glad Jong-hyun is a big help for our team.”

Jong-hyun was held to four points on the night, but his eight rebounds, two steals, and three blocks helped seal the victory on defense. 보스토토

Park Ji-hoon said, “(Lee Jong-hyun’s presence under the basket) is very comforting. We also have Kim Kyung-won, but he needs to grow. I feel like Jonghyun has been resurrected, and I’m so happy for him,” he said.

“I’m very happy about both, but I’m more happy about the first win at home,” Park said, “We had a lot of fans here, and we were losing three straight at home. If we had lost today (Nov. 7), the home fans wouldn’t have been happy, so it feels good to get the first home win.”

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