I didn’t think about the supermatch disappearing, but… Na Sang-ho “I must win to make up for it”

FC Seoul secured seventh place with a draw against Jeju United. The club joined Final Round B in shock after slipping at the end of the regular season, but are looking to redeem themselves.

Seoul drew 0-0 with Jeju in the 36th round away match at Jeju World Cup Stadium on Nov. 11. The result means Seoul will clinch seventh place regardless of the outcome of their remaining two matches.

Ace Na Sang-ho made some light moves on the day, but failed to score. However, his daring runs and dribbles were enough to make things difficult for the Jeju defense. In the second half, he shook off three or four defenders before hitting a shot that looked to be going through the keeper, but Song Joo-hoon’s cover play prevented him from scoring.

After the game, Na Sang-ho was interviewed in the Mixed Zone and said, “It’s true that we’re getting better in terms of breaking through and playing well, but we need to score goals to move up and win, and I think we should have been more confident in our chances today. I’m not a finesse player, but I think it didn’t go in because I was finessing it.” More specifically, he said, “I kicked it with the idea of just changing the keeper’s direction, but it didn’t have enough impact and the ball rolled away.”

However, he did not give up hope of becoming a top scorer. Na Sang-ho is currently tied for third place with Pohang Steelers Zeca with 12 goals. With Ulsan Hyundai’s Lee Min-kyu and Daejeon Hana Citizen’s Thiago tied at 16 goals apiece, Na needs to score at least four goals in two games to claim the top spot. “There are players who score a hat trick or four goals in one game. “Our next game is against Suwon and it’s a must-win situation, so if I come forward, I’ll have a lot of space and chances will come my way. I think we can win with a lot of goals, and I will prepare accordingly.”

According to Na Sang-ho, Suwon is the next opponent. If Seoul wins, 12th-ranked Suwon could be directly relegated depending on the result of 11th-ranked Gangwon FC. If Suwon goes to K League 2, there will be no Super Match in the league next season. In response, Na Sang-ho said, “The rivalry that represents the K League is the Super Match. I’ve never thought about the Super Match disappearing. In the worst case scenario, it will disappear, but we have to show a calm attitude to the game. I think it’s possible that it could happen. I think the players will prepare well with the idea of winning one match against their rivals,” he said calmly. 토토사이트

He also spoke about senior Ki Sung-yong. Ki’s contract with Seoul expires this year, and he is reportedly considering whether to extend his playing career or retire. “He’s a good brother, a veteran, and a senior in the national team. There are many things that Sung-yong can learn from him. I have younger friends and I’m getting older, so just his presence is helpful. He sacrifices a lot on the field and plays a lot, so the younger guys and I can learn from him,” he said. “If I was his age, I would want to play soccer with ease, but I can’t help you. They keep struggling and showing their dedication to the team, which motivates me to do the same,” he added. “He’s in such good shape that he plays a lot more than I do, and he’s so dedicated to the team.

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