Conte is the worst of Tottenham’s worst…a hell of a time to read the Postcoglue success story

The more we analyze Enze Postecoglou’s success with Tottenham, the more we realize just how bad the club was last season.

The English publication The Athletic analyzed Spurs for the 2023-24 season on Friday and wrote an article titled “Despite current setbacks, the numbers are overwhelmingly good”.

In analyzing the Spurs’ success this season, a comparison to last season was made. “Last season, the Spurs were one of the worst teams in the league (16th) in a category that measures the percentage of passes each team made in the final third. This season, the Spurs are fourth in the league with a rate of 60.8 percent instead of 42.9 percent, which shows how much more they are dominating the zone.”

In fact, if you look at their offense alone, Spurs didn’t improve last season. The departure of Harry Kane, the best player in franchise history, was crucial. James Madison and Brennan Johnson have been brought in, but in terms of weight, Kane dominates. Nevertheless, most of the offensive metrics are overwhelmingly better.

The Spurs ranked just 14th in PPDA, a metric that captures a team’s pressure, last season. Spurs went from not pressing aggressively to being the most aggressive team in the Premier League this season. It’s not uncommon for a team to go through a complete makeover in a single season, but under Postecoglou’s leadership, the team quickly settled in.

Under Conte, Tottenham minimized their conceded goals and were quick and aggressive on the counter-attack, looking for goals through Kane and Son Heung-min, but surprisingly, the number of counter-attacks has increased this season. This is because successful pressing from high positions allows for more efficient pressing.

“All of this shows a team that has undergone a huge amount of change in a short space of time,” says The Athletic. The frustrations of injuries and traveling setbacks can halt the momentum of a team that has begun a new era. Clearly, Tottenham are moving in the right direction.” 보스토토 주소

It’s not just the football that has changed. Under Conte, the squad never really coalesced. “Conte’s bad moods made players and staff miserable, and he alienated people with the way he worked,” said The Guardian. He rarely communicated the schedule. He often kept the team waiting until morning to prepare the turf, demoralizing them. The players lived in fear of his outbursts when they made a mistake.”

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